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Michael Minogue
Laing + Simmons Woollahra
About Michael Minogue
Originally with Laing + Simmons Paddington as Director, Michael has been selling homes in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs for around 30 years. Beginning his career as a junior salesperson in 1983 with another Laing + Simmons agency, Michael has established a firm background in real estate with various positions in some of Sydney's more prestigious agencies. Michael believes that success comes from building a trusting relationship with people, a rapport, that once established, will continue into the future.When clients employ us as salespeople, they put their trust in us. Trust in us to perform, to be do the best achievable, and to achieve results. We need to demonstrate that we have the skills and knowledge to get the job done.My aim is to provide service to the same high standard as I expect when dealing with any other professional. Why should anyone accept second best? I wouldn't and neither should my clients. Commitment to serving our clients to the best of our ability is our uppermost important consideration and one we pride ourselves on. Responsibility to serving our clients has been part of the synergy of our success. More so, it has become our business philosophy. As the Director here at Laing + Simmons Woollahra I ensure that all the staff in our office share this view. Commitment to achieving the desired result is what's most important.